über das wunderbare buch von virginia nicholson:
among the bohemians - experiments in living 1900-1939

why is poverty so romantic ?
why do artists despise money ?
how does one survive while producing something that no one will buy ?
does beeing rich disqualify one from bohemia ?
if being bohemia means being poor, is the gain worth the pain ?

mit diesen fragen beginnt virgina nicholson buch über die englischen
bohemians - überwiegend künstler_inne und schritsteller_innen.

she looks in detail at the way bohemian English people (largely artists and writers) organised their lives in what we would now call an ‘alternative’ manner and went out of their way to live La Vie Boheme. It’s an enormously entertaining book, packed with anecdotes on every page and written by the daughter of Quentin Bell, who was the son of Vanessa Bell, who in her turn was Virginia Woolf’s sister. This is a very telling provenance.
She deals fairly comprehensively with her relatives and friends from the Bloomsbury Group about whom we already know a great deal, but the other figures who feature strongly are Augustus John, Eric Gill, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, plus minor figures such as Nina Hamnett, Betty May, Mark Gertler, and Ethel Mannin.

es ist ein wunderbares buch - das die biografien der einzelnen zu einer
respektvollen art des biografischen erzählens verwebt zu einem stimmungsgelage des
daily life of the early bohemians - sehr zu empfehlen !

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