within the artists archive and the video collection, separate collections and editions are classified into sub-sections, such as:

the “cinenova” collection

containing recent shorts and experimental videos/films from britain and the usa, from the british women’s film distributor cinenova (london).

the “pelze” collection

comprising documents and materials (texts, copy art, photos, slides, videos) on events held in “pelze multimedia”, a place that offered women artists in berlin an “empty space” for their ideas and activities.

the “fassade” collection

with footage of events, discussions and interviews in the field of women+’s culture.

the “feminale” collection

archive of all videos that got presented to feminale since 1999. the two international women’s film festivals feminale in cologne and femme totale in dortmund have been merged.

the “lis” collection

archive of the material from lis – lesben in sicht – a tv magazine from and for dykes on the free channel hamburg.

the bildwechsel zine collection

the collection has over 500 queer, feminist, music, art, grrrl zines – and we would love you to send us your work to help the collection grow even further. it’s an international collection and has developed out of the interest we have in all sorts of d.i.y. cultural productions.


qunst.mag is an e-zine created by members of bildwechsel and the contributing artists. qunst.mag's aim is to provide a platform for queer feminist artists working in various media. you can download back issues at

collection of the early vidoes of the political movements in germany 1974 – 85

(see videomuseum)