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swarmviewing at bildwechsel's during the lsf hamburg 2018

wednesday, 17.oktober chez bildwechsel

schwarmsichtung zu den lsf_2018

our longest-serving communications format: swarm viewing! everyone with a little between-films-time and archive-curiosity is cordially invited to visit bildwechsel and its archives,
as ever on the wednesday during the festival week,
from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. you are also welcome to bring along your own films! check out the premises, rummage through the archives and enjoy the traditional swarm viewing with a special selection of videos relating to this year¹s film festival. we look forward to seeing you! if you haven¹t been before: bildwechsel is located very centrally near hamburg hauptbahnhof
(central station), kirchenallee 25

swarmviewing at bildwechsel's during the lsf hamburg 2014

bildwechsel /// kirchenallee 25 /// 20099 hamburg (near the main railsway station) /// wednesday, 15.10.2014, 2:00 until 9:00 pm

lsf swarmviewing

bildwechsel (hamburg's umbrella organisation for women involved in media, culture and art) again presents some gems from their extraordinary archive. this year you can enjoy a compilation of winning short films from the early years of the festivals. every gem has been especially digitalised. recommended!

all about bildwechsel

gottlieber revue

“aha/oho„ jubilees“ (on the 8th of december 2014 bildwechsel reaches our 35 years) we've celebrated all year long with activities and new and unusual formats that invite audiences in to see the treasures of the active-archive. here's a 10 minute look at the gottlieben revue :

bildwechsel presents a swarm-viewing – at hamburg LA*D.I.Y_fest

bildwechsel schwarmsichtung ladyfest 2014

ausflug von videos mit dem themenfeld D.I.Y aus den bildwechselarchiven als betreute schwarmsichtung im rahmen des la*DIY_fest hh

swarmviewing? bildwechsel always tries to provide limelight for the wonderful films/videos that are in the collections in the bildwechsel archives (since 1979!!)

we know that every video/film wants to be seen - and so for a swarmviewing we bring a collection of films and videos that are related to one another by theme, or approach, or time, or place – in this case d.i.y.

the videos/films are presented together yet individually -so the people who visit the swarm-event can pick up a personal dvd player then, singly or in small groups, view the films in their own concentrated time, picking each film up and returning them to a central location where we are on hand to introduce the works one by one. it¹s a format we've experimented with already and it works really well - people swap films with one another and it seems to encourage people to discuss and engage with the work, and creates a really lovely filmrespecting atmosphere.

please feel invited to come along - and always invited too to bring your own videos for the archives

swarm viewing garden films, 31st august in hamburg

künstlerhaus sootbörn /// sunday, 31.08.2014, 13-18

swarm viewing garden films

videos and films want to be seen

for the 8500+ titles that stand in the video collection, bildwechsel the active archive has invented a new format: the swarm viewing: films and videos that are related to one another by theme, or approach, or time, or place are presented together yet individually, each one on a small portable player (or the audience can even bring their own computer).

out of our garden film collection, which came about following a call for films in 2012 and had its first screening in may of that year at four corners in london presented by bildwechsel glasgow, we now present films/videos as a swarm viewing event im künstlerhaussootbörn on sunday 31st august, between 1pm and 6pm as part of the exhibition “fliegende gärten” the growing collection is complimented by gems from the bildwechsel collection and some new entries.

nancy tobin visits bildwechsel

nancy tobin abend bei bildwechsel

a visitor from montreal : nancy tobin after the usual opening-hours of a bildwechsel-wednesday we jammed into the evening. the shelves were whispering and humming - to a session with ukulele, harmonica, great sampler-equipment, an analog juno-6 synthesiser plus ipad-sound-apps. thank you very much nancy tobin!


garlstorf /// saturday, 31.05.2014 and sunday, 1.06.2014, from 13 Uhr


collage of the famous bildwechsel-draftspersons-meeting which could take place invited into a private house with garden and nearby openair bath ( outside the picture :-) ) besides talking about drawings ( where, why and how to draw and what to do with old drawings) the topics went from linoldruck to stiching drwawings to "how-to-make" a quick animation.

public zine reading a presentation of the bildwechsel zine collection

glizzer /// kleiner schäferkamp 46 /// hamburg /// wednesday, 6.11.2013, 21:00

presentation of the bildwechsel zine collection

this summer we crossed the line of 500 entries in the awesome zine collection! and there are still more items to add.

we will celebrate with short zine readings, a release party and lot's time to fumble trough the collection

bring your zines which want to join the archive, write more, there will be facilities for spontanious drawings, printing and fixing!

have fun! your bildwechsel team

how do you do - global queernotes

at the beginning of the year, bildwechsel (the hamburg umbrella organisation for women+ and their communities, who are involved in media, culture and art) asked friends and video-/filmmakers to create video messages with the theme HOW DO YOU DO … GLOBAL QUEER NOTES. each video made for this special event is accompanied by other films from the amazing bildwechsel archives. enjoy this unique opportunity to watch inspiring and unscreened films and to take a peek into the fascinating world of bildwechsel!

bildwechsel • kirchenallee 25 • 20099 hamburg
(ganz in der nähe des hauptbahnhofs/ near mainstation)

bauhaus am flughafen: ein schlafsaal, ein videokabinett und ein kostümfest

from june 3rd to june 26th 2012
bildwechsel at the artist studios sootbörn

june 3rd to june 5th
performance artists meeting
a 3-day event to exchange ideas about different working conditions, present work to one another, and develop new collaborations. if you’d like to take part please e-mail to

june 11th to june 19th
the videokabinett is a special bildwechsel format where we present an exhibition of video work.
opening: june 11th, 4pm
opening times: june 12th, 18th and 19th june, 2pm to 6pm
or by appointment:

june 25th
artist masquerade ball

künstlerhaus sootbörn
sootbörn 22
22453 hamburg

past projects

+++ cabaret and dance +++

saturday, february the 19th 2011 at 8 pm

a benefit evening for bildwechsel - for our and your amusement! bildwechsel / galerie broll und evi, nic & c host an evening of performance miniatures with shine and fire, an intense and wild evening at the westwerk.

kabarett 2011

for your entertainment, evi, nic & c and a plethora of dazzling acts and artists including dolly cluster, damn’ it janet!, le roi et moi, zirca trollop (jana korb, anja gessenhardt), nathalie percillier, fränzi madörin, coral short and many more guests.

we are excited!
evi, nic und c, bildwechsel und die galerie broll

following the cabaret: queerparty saturday, february the 19th at 10:30 pm

admiralitätstraße 74, hamburg
date: february 19th, 2011
entrance: from 7pm to 8pm and again at 10:30pm for the party
(please note: the door will be closed from 8pm to 10:30pm!)
cabaret starts: 8pm
queer party starts: 10:30pm

admission: 10€ to 100€
free admission for people who help
(please contact:


coral short

le roi et moi (video to the "a writers´ party" song) (myspace homepage)

zirka trollop – anja gessenhardt und jana korb

bildwechsel advent calender

bildwechsel advent calendar 2010

parole hochformat

have you ever had this problem: your ideas won't fit the format, whether it was 4:3, or even 16:9? ever thought of changing your position, or turning the camera around?

try it: all of a sudden things appear totally different.
we recommend ‘high format’ (portrait/vertical format) for "out-of-the-box thinking".

hochformat logo

"parole hochformat" can be seen as a request to artists and to audiences to change position alongside a changing video format (from landscape to portrait). it is an invitation to take note, to position one's self and to change one's position.


the festival took place in hamburg (8.10.-17.10.2010). more information you'll find here.


7.2. lido: kabarett* with les reines prochaines, evi, nic and c and guests

kabarett* and dancing
sunday, 07.02.2010 20 uhr, entrance 19 uhr
lido, cuvrystraße 7, berlin u-bahn schlesisches tor

inviting card

bildwechsel, gallery broll, les reines prochaines and the performance group evi, nic and c - are staging a fabulous and diverse event in benefit of bildwechsel - an evening full of sugar and spice at the lido in berlin.