umbrella organisation

bildwechsel is an umbrella organisation for women, and their communities, who are involved in media, culture and art.

recognising and celebrating the diverse and changing communities we live and work within we use the term woman+ – to reflect our inclusiveness to those that support us and work alongside us.

with its main base in hamburg, bildwechsel acts as a platform and as an infrastructure to:

bildwechsel aims to present a panoramic view of the work of women artists, especially of those working over the last 30 years. we also have a rapidly expanding collection of work from queer artists and filmmakers: go to to keep up-to-date with this and for news of all of our events and collaborations.

video-info : bildwechsel

think about it carefully ... maybe you yourself can afford an archive? can you support this vivid and active initiative in its ongoing and so-far- successful effort to keep these unique archives and collections open to the public.

we'd ove to welcome you to our exquisite hall of fame
give your donation ... or better still support bildwechsel with a – small, big or large – monthly standing order. this way bildwechsel can stay on the move, active and publically accessible.

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