video museum


bildwechsel has collected films and videos since the early 1970's. the work of course is donated in the format that is current at the time and therefore we have work in u-matic, half inch video, vhs, mini-dv, dvd etc.

our aim is to provide, as long as bildwechsel exists, access to the work in a current format: so that everyone who wants to see the work can view it easily in the archive.

to achieve this aim we have a restoration laboratory within the bildwechsel video museum. in the museum are tapes from nearly every semi-professional video generation of video production, as well as orignal equipment – cameras as well recorders.

within the video museum we can copy and transfer 16 different audio visual formats and of course we can digitise analogue audio video material.

more about the video musem in the museum's blog
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screenshot of the bildwechsel video museum homepage
bildwechsel video museum